Friday, June 1, 2012

Tank Friends

I realized the other day that Phagocytosis Betta Blue hates me. 
He is always sitting in that stupid boot I got for him and i swear only comes out to eat... 
I considered buying a Guinea Pig and even a hedgehog but I figured I don't have any money to spend on cute outfits, eatable houses or even food for them... I just have water.. so that was out of the question. 

So as I was strolling through Wal-Mart today with Carly's tank friends, Brandi and Julie, only getting what I NEEDED...which was kitty litter (for the cat that is scheduled for dinner this week) I had a spur of the moment decision that Phagocytosis Betta Blue needed some friends... or maybe just some new friends for me?

Carly's Jacob has a betta and it has MANY other fish friends. And they all live happy together. And I read online that neon tetras are good little tank friends.  Yeeahh!

So I got 3 little neon tetras...and on the way home we named them Corolla,Tacoma, and Stan. 

From L to R: Corolla, Stan, and Tacoma 

When we got home.. in they went!... immediately the attacks began... 
Betta Blue clearly fits his name. All he did for the next 5 min was follow the little nuggets around and bite their fins. ..rude. Every time he bit at them I stuck my finger in and poked him. Pay backs a B. 

My poor little nuggets. 

As we watched him bully the others, I decided I didn't have time to train him to love his new "friends" right now. By this point I was furious with him so I thrust my hand into the tank, picked Betta Blue up and threw him in a bowl (don't worry it was just Carly's bowl)..expect while in mid air he decides to fly out of my hand and onto the counter.. dont worry. . I rescued him. 

I then sped over to my other apt and got the separator for the tank.

When i got back the three nuggets were hidding under the fake plant and betta blues was swimming around very swiftly in the bowl like a freak. 
After I put the separator in, I got Betta Blue and again.. while in mid air.. he flies out and lands back onto the counter.. when i scooped him up... again... third times a charm.. he flys out and this time lands on the floor on the rug.. so with dirt on his fins I again scoop him up and then chuck him into his side of the tank... 

 It's so stupid that I was getting so frustrated and angry at a dumb fish but IF that is what he wants then fine!
 He can fester in his little half size talk ALL BY HIMSELF AND STAY IN HIS BOOT for all I care!

 Phagocytosis Betta Blue... Phag

Maybe next week when I have time I will use positive and negative reinforcement with Betta Blue and try to get them to all live happy together. AS for now.... "I have to go.. shave." 

And as for the cat.. there is no cat. Just spilled car oil on the driveway is all.. 

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DaMomma said...

You are too funny.... and he survived all the same!