Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend at the Oreon Coast

T'was night before dads birthday and throughout the car ride,
sung the loud but delightful, voice of senior pride.

As father drove like a fighting grizzly bear,

we all silently prayed that we'd soon be there.

While pulling into the bay we all sighed with relief,
As mother check us in thinking it would be brief...

After what seemed like forever, we were finally free,

She gave us the "go" and we fought for the key.


Happy birthday to dad! who seemed.. just a little mad,

that he was no longer a young twenty-nine year-old lad.

As we sat on the balcony in the cool morning chill,

We caught sight of gray whales eating mouthfuls of krill.

In town we explored all the little beach shops,

As Kade followed behind with his one legged hops.

After everyone was ready we followed the shore,

to go find our yearly ornaments at the Christmas store.

When we finished with joy we drove into Lincoln City,
and dad bought us all everything nice and pretty.

Night came too quickly as our stomachs grew louder
so we went and devoured several bowls of clam chowder.

While fetching some aspirin Carly heard some strange noise,
Finding herself trapped being hit-on by local town boys.

Back to the condo we sang songs of pure delight,
And cuz dad was driving, we hit every single light.

In the back room we soared through the air,
Snapping pictures to show our dearest sister Claire.


As noon rolled around we said our goodbyes..
to that once in a life time view, right before our eyes.

We headed for the beach, took a picnic and played,
jumping waves, playin' frisbee.. all.. while mom laid.

The time had come to pack up and head home,
for the dog was alone being king of the throne.

We were home again home again jig-ity jig,
then fell into bed all snoring like pigs.