Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Alright people... YES.. i HATE halloween.. BUT i never said i hated carving a pumpkin!!!
Mikel came over this morning and spent the day with me and the family.

We all went to church and we had some awkward comments from some of the ward members.. in gospel doctrine when mikel raised his hand to comment this was the reply from the teacher.."We'll call you.. a FFrrriieenndd of the plessingers". Mikels reply was, "Uhh. ya. so Jesus Christ..(cont with thought)"... hahaha.

After church mikel informed me, "I brought my mission pictures, i've decided that you can see them now." .... huh.. So we looked at mission pictures. There were lots of, "OHH hes such a cool guy" and "This guy! were like best friends".

We headed off to grandma and grandpa horrocks house, or as mikel said, "Holbrooks" during the prayer. We ate yummy food and we ate YUMMMY pumpkin pie! Everyone picked on mikel for never ever having tried FRESH homemade pumpkin pie before today. (He thought the stuff out of the can was what you call homemade and fresh)... He was very confused as to HOW you make homemade pumpkin if you dont get it from the can.... sad.. sadd..saaddd day.
Turns out the kid likes the REAL homemade and FRESH pumpkin.. his response to me while eating a slice was, "Can you make this?"... OF COURSE I CAN!

After we took naps, chatted and talked about playing janga, we headed home and brought out the pumpkins. We thought about what we were going to make for a while.. Finally.. our journey begun..

I finished mine faster than him.. he didnt have a jack-o-lantern pumpkin so it was hard to cut

Everyone was somewhat joining us while we carved and listened to country music..
Kade listening to his own music..

Nooottt sure what carly is doing?...

And mom reading the sunday paper.. (this was before her nap)

Mikel did a transformers symbol... NOT a "weird spider" as dad called it..
and iii did a buffalo!!

Mikel said i couldnt do a scary face while holding a pumpkin with a buffalo on it...

SO i had to make a "nicer" face..

Welll not that we are competing.. im pretty sure mine was way more rockin!
No offence mikel.. :)

That is all folks.. for now.