Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Addition

SO I forgot to tell you one more thing.... So to be completely honest.. ever since i've kind of gotten over the fact that my best friend isn't ever coming back.. I've realized that I needed to learn to love again. And that i need something to take care of and no i did not get a puppy. I dont think I will get a dog for a very long time..or ever and i'm fine with that. Its just that you let some ugly mutt come into your life, you love them with all your heart, you see that they are no longer ugly but that they are really cute and then they get sick, old and die and then you are crushed and your life is ruined forever. So with that in mind i need to learn to love again so I added a new addition to my family..I got him at Walmart yesterday. I figure a fish is a great pet. You can watch them swim and feed them and name them but you cant pet them or snuggle with them or take them for walks or teach them to whisper. Therefore, when they die.. its sad but not as heart ripping as a dog.

So everyone.. meet... __( I dont have a name yet )__ ...

A little about him...he is a beta and he is blue..and he likes to do 1 of 4 things (never together) throughout the day
1. Look at himself in the reflection (as hes doing in pic #1)
2. swim
3. eat
4. poop

Some name ideas that i have or that people have given me are:
*Dr. Pepper
*D. Peps
*Dr. P
*Captain Morgan
*Ohhh Cool

What do you think i should name him? Because he needs a name ASAP.. before he dies.

Back at School 2012

SO I just realized that I haven't changed my blog since Halloween... that's embarrassing. I want to say my new years resolution is to update this thing for my family frequently but we all know that will NEVER happen because first of all... i am not married. Second of all, i don't have any children. And third of all.. my life just simply isn't that interesting. ANYWAYS... Here is what i have been up to lately in pictures...

When I first moved into my apt it was not clean..at all. so i mopped the floor the BATHROOM floor and this is what i got... eww gross.

My favoritest meal is anything with ketchup. But this time my roommate Megan said i should try ketchup on a peanut butter sandwich.. it was interesting but honestly it wasn't bad. One second you would taste peanut butter then the next ketchup. But never together. So very interesting.

This semester i have been helping Amber out at the Live Stock Center "teaching" a basic horsemanship 1 class. This is Superman running around showing off after class. He is awful to ride because he is huge and thumpy but he is a cutie-poo. You cant not love him!

One of our favorite horses Kurger had to be put down this semester. He was sick and wasn't able to just be a horse anymore. The day before he passed away I helped give him some bute (like ibuprofen for us) so he wouldnt be in pain that night. Then we said our goodbyes. And i did get a little teary cuzNow he is running around in sunny green pastures and doesn't have to endure a cold winter. We miss him. One of my favorite things about him was when we would sneak him a peppermint treat and then ask him "Was that good?!" he would always throw him head up and down very dramatically telling us that it was SOO good.

This winter 2012

Last Summer 2011

One of my favorite horse noses.


When I found out Claire and Bronson landed in Portland...

Megan and I at church....

This past weekend Amber, Megan and I went to Provo to visit Amber's sister...
We went ice skating and ate at Tucanos!. love that place. and we chilled.