Sunday, January 20, 2008

Babes of Room 415

Rachelle, Amber, Emily and me

Me and Amber on our way to get Rachelle's hair cut.. whoa, were good lookin'!

Rachelle and Amber...

Noooooo they're boys thermals.. i am ashamed..

Rachelle and me in our hott thermals

Me and Blake trying to help Emily climb a tree in our complex yard.

Me, Rachelle and Amber after church

Rachelle and Amber. .. (Brother the back.. he let us steal cupcakes. hes so cool)

Me and Amber

Rachelle and me.. man my face looks its best like that

okay okay a normal one.. kind of.

On A Walk

The sidewalk.. we pretended to ski down it. fun fun.

Amber.... Rachelle wanted to take a picture of her walking down the sidewalk..

snow, ice, snow, ice, snow.. trip, face plant. im trying to get up.

We're cool.


They didnt think i would do it.. im not afraid of fluffy snow.

After piling in Blakes truck to take us to eat pizza. Rachelle couldnt feel her legs after.

Blake, Amber and me. We're lucky we didnt get pulled over.. hehe

At Craigo's. That was fun. Especially playing paper football. Maybe it's becasue i was the best....

Pictures in the pouring down snow!

Rachelle and Amber

Emily and me..

It was snowing so hard. And it was so cold!

Coming back from church.

Rachelle and Emily eating some of the cupcakes we stole...