Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day at Cannon Beach!!!

Yesterday Mikel took me to Cannon Beach.
Who is Mikel? Oh... he is a boy, that likes me.. and i like him.

So why did we go to the beach? Well here is the story..
He works at the Rose Garden and was maybe going to get free Taylor Swift tickets.. me not being a faaannn. ..PRAYED day and night for about a week or more that he would not get the tickets. Miracles do happen and he sadly did not get them.. :( bummer...

Instead we went to Cannon Beach for the day!!

The drive there (2hrs) we sat in the car and sang country songs. We had an awkward moment when he confessed his love for.. Eminem.. He was lucky when i found out that he loves the Goo Goo Dolls and the fact that he know who ROD STEWART is!

When we pulled into town he took me to the best restaurant at the beach, Mo's! So good! Famous for their Clam Chowder we shared a little bowl. Best thing ever!!!! After we finished the Chowda we ate our SEPARATE hamburgers and fries!!

This is the part when would say that he was a gentleman and paid for me.. but he "left" his wallet at home, so I was a gentlewoman and paid for him. (Don't worry, he paid me back when we got back to his house) I really didn't mind. He felt so bad and kept apologizing so I slip him 25 bucks under the table so he wouldn't be embarrassed and so he would quit apologizing. lol hilarious!

When all was eaten and paid for at Mo's we ventured out to the beach and played some frisbee for about 5 minutes. It was a beutiful day but it was very windy! The frisbee was blowing every where! So we quit and played catch. Me with my softball glove and him with his baseball glove. .. we used a baseball and what happened that he said wouldnt?... oh thats right, i still caught the BASEball with a SOFTball glove. SO shove it!

At first he was throwing to me all nice and close... nerd. I didnt tell him i had an arm. Mwahahahaha!! I was waiting for the perfect time to chuck it and shock him. The time came when he threw it at me.. low, i missed it, hit my foot and rolled down the beach for a mile. I ran after it and chucked it back.. not only did it reach him but to flew over his head. bahaha.
He yelled "WHOA!!!!!" ...ya. beat that buddy. Then he had to run after it.
Then i pitched it to him and when he caught it, it made a B-E-A-U-tiful smack against his glove! He said with big eyes, "WOW babe that was an awesome throw! Man you have an ARM!!" .. Chya it was!! and yes i have an arm, two in fact. Then we argued whether or not i could out throw him..

Here is a goofy picture of us... me with half an eyebrow and him with his smashed ear (from his hat) and both of us with asian eyes. hehehe. It was bright!
After I wanted to jump waves in the ocean. You know how cold it is.. like -30 degrees... Well he barely let the water touch his feet until he started screaming like a girl about how cold it was. He only got to his ankles (or as he says.. his mid-calf) until he turned around and ran back to the beach. Lil' baby. I got in to my mid-thighs until i got out. I got out because i thought about Jaws and so i creeped myself out.

We walked all down the beach talking and messin around. We walked down to Hay Stack Rock and looked at and poked at the clams and Starfish in the water and on the rocks. I found a sea urchin that was white in the middle and around the body there was bright green little Cilia finger like tubies. Like this pic...

NOTE: I did not take this.. i forgot my camera at this point.

SO of course i HAD to touch it! I figured it would feel like soft cilia that moved with the water and when i touched it... nope. When i touched it the cilia was sticky and it grabbed my finger!!! I almost peed myself! I screamed and jumped out of the pool of water that it was in! hahahaha. A bunch of people just stared at me. It went something like this...
Me: "WAAAAAA!! It grabbed me!!! That was so scary!! Touch it!! do it! TOUCH IT!!"
and do you know what he said to me....
"Babe.. your embarrassing yourself"...

... Dont babe me! So just to spite him i said (so people around me could hear me)
"I dont care. I am never going to see any of these people ever again. They can stare all they want."

Then i dared him to touch it. haha. When he touched it his response was not as dramatic as mine but it was funny.. he yelled
"WHOA!! What the junk!!!" and yes he jumped backwards and out of the pool of water too. Bahahah.. whos embarrassing themself now?!!!

We played around Hay Stack Rock for a while and people probably thought we were drink cuz we were goofin off and pushing each other and falling and it was fun. I have never had so many people give me so many weird looks. hahaha but hey.. its true. i am never going to see any of them again and yes they might talk about me but who cares! At least i was havin fuN!

Before we left Mikel grabbed a stick and wrote in the sand. This was his creation.

We tried to fix the heart.. in the end i think the sand art was as big as the kitchen floor in my house...

After we went to the candy store and stocked up on Salt Water Taffy, Zebra gum and Swedish Fish. Then he drove back to St. Helens as i slept. lol. We ended the day watchin Jurassic Park and fighting with the cat.