Sunday, June 15, 2008

Roommates.. and some friends

Summer semester roommates

Me and Amber. Two semesters in a row.. and more to follow.

Aubrey (short), Amber, and me. Short Aubrey is my actual room roommate. Born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho.

Aubrey (Tall) from Gilbert Arizona. Roomies with Christina.

Laura and Amber. Laura is from Virgina and Amber is from North Carolina.

And last but not least, Christina. She is from Alberta Canada and is roomies with tall Aubrey.

Some Friends...

Robin. Oh Robin. From Texas and proud of it. Amber and I met her while living in Lamprecht Hall.

Rick and Amber. Rick from Hermiston, Oregon and is the FHE dad.. or also known as my husband..for now. we're getting a divorce.

Miles and me. He is from California and is also in our FHE group, except he is one of my sons.

Emily, Amber and me. Emily is my old roommate from last semester. We see her every once in a while.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen..
(very sanitary)

The stove top. Those pizza pans have been there for almost a week...and same with the pizza cutter on the right. (its kinda hard to see.)
The counter top and sink. I should have taken the pictures yesterday. Its was bad. Today... not so much. On the picture of Jesus it says, "DO YOUR DISHES...please. " I just did them all last night, to be nice.

The table and garbage. It usually look like a tornado hit it. And the garbage. it can get way higher. People are good at balancing.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer in Colonial...

Welcome to the tour of my CLS.
(Current Living Situation) This is NOT my home.

It was suppose to be great. Clean apartments, great atmosphere, great ward, furnished with comfy couches and a new DVD player, wireless Internet, and close to campus.. Before we moved in.. all was thought to be well. Until.. we were assigned to apt. 606.. dun dun DUN! What we were told.. was wrong. There is no such thing as a clean apartment.. lets say more like.. filthy. The great atmosphere wasn't so great, "...there arose contention among them, even so that they did shed blood among themselves." -Mosiah 7:25. Ok OK maybe not shedding of blood but there is an extreme amount of contention. And I don't help any by adding to it. Anyways.. the great ward.. its ok. As for our apt being furnished, we had.. nasty bug infested couches that the cushions don't fit, a DVD player that is missing the yellow cord and the carpet in the front room has 2 iron burn marks in it. Stylish i think. The wireless, what a pain. I swear it never works. And close to campus...yes, but there is so much construction that, this isn't so true.

So here are a couple of pictures of the bathroom vanity and my room.. Enjoy.

The Bathroom Vanity

This side is Amber's, Laura's and my side. Oh so clean and free from any nasty incurable diseases. We don't even try and it stays clean. We use what we need and the put it away right after. Oh its so hard!

And this is their side. All though this is somewhat clean for what it can get to.. its still annoying. They love keeping drawers open, it one of their many talents.

Can you see the invisible line? Our side and their side. Its a wonderful place.

The Bedroom..
This would happen to me..

This is the side of the room that you see right when you walk into the room. I try to keep the door shut all the time. Aubrey likes to have her things in an "organized mess." This is a more mild day. If i would have waited a day or two.. nasty.

You see the dresser?.. She did offer the bottom two for me to use. But i didn't want to fight for them..because i know, against me and all the crap around it, i would lose.

Who knows what's under that bed. The sheets haven't been washed "since before the middle of last semester."

This desk is supposedly shared between the two of us.. mine is the left side, and hers is the right. I usually have to push her junk over so i can have some space.

The three drawers on the left are my only drawers.

The first is my school supply/junk drawer. The second is my sock drawer and the third is my chonie and undershirt drawers.

And this is my side. Not to be prideful or anything but.. its always clean and i make my bed every morning. See mom, you can have faith in those still live at home who are messy. Funny things happen when you get and go off to school.

And under the bed is suitcases and 2 bags. I don't have a monster hiding under mine. And my sheets were just washed.

And last but not least, is the closet. Mine is on the right and hers is on the left. Of course i do my laundry once a week, unlike once every maybe 4 weeks. The first shelf is all my clothes and the top shelf is my pots and pans (they're not getting washed the way i want them to... they're still dirty even after being "washed." My laundry stuff is up there and also my other pair of bedsheets.

Coming Soon!!!

*The kitchen...
*The living room...
* Pictures of the accused
*and pictures of me, Amber, and Laura