Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Break 09

Spring break in Provo with the Oldest.

Hitched a ride to the airport and were the ones who were going to keep me awake the whole drive.... Amber and Jordan...bums.

While John was at work all night.. It was just us, the dogs, and Heavyweights..

Kota and Georgia sitting in my trunk while i was packing to leave.

Hitting Temple Square before heading back to Rexburg.

John, me and Claire at the "secret parking lot" at Temple Square.

We tried being as wonderful as mother with the flower shots. hehe

In the History museum laying in those beds....

Being close to Christ and the Temple.... what could be better? ok, the whole family would.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Winter Semester

BACK to ScHOoL!!

Me and Ashleigh at a basketabll game in Ashton. These are our game faces...

Basic Skills Campout!!!
The best 3 day break from school!

Me, Derrin, Kurtis, Patrick, Lacy, Nicole, Steve, Amy, James, and Jordana. One big happy family!

On the Trail along the River of No Return on The Salmon River.

Me and Nichole leading into camp. The view form our tents.

Mine and Amy's 2 man tent... which really should have been 1.. There was no room.

Hanging up our bear bags on the steepest hill in the world..

Jordana pulling Steve up the bear bag hill.

Off on our 10 miler day hike. Where we stopped to eat lunch.. no joke.

Who found these cougar prints? ME!!! Good eye, good eye...

Hiking our way back to camp.

Free time in the 2-man tent. Amy, Jordana, Lacy and me.

Meal time! Basically it was mostly slop. whatev. Food is food when your out in the middle of nowhere...

Kurtis trying to warm up. Kurtis, Patrick and Amy on our last morning

Amy, Nichol, me, Lacy, and Jordana out for an hour long pee party.

Our smokin' campfire! Me and Lacy. We're fire breathers..

In memory of our aweful stoves. We werent allowed to cook over a fire. Thats a no no for Leaving No Trace Behind...

Our happy boys. Kurtis, Patrick, James, Darrin, and Steve.

Our 5 mile hike back to the van. Cant see it but there's a bald eagle flying in there.

The last moments away from civilization. It went by WAY to fast!