Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home for break

After a long day of willingly cleaning around the house.. i chose to take a moment for myself and exfoliate my skin and jam to some good ol' country music. After i came downstairs to rejoin the family and to finish a task that i was in the middle of... i was suddenly made fun of my the youngest sister. PaaLeaSe! The only thing she was.. was jealous. Jealous of my beauty that is. As my gator skin radiated throughout the entire downstairs i soon got the attention of the brother. Because he couldn't and wouldn't stop laughing, i decided to make a fool out of him too. After a minute of explaining myself. I encouraged and succeed in his willingness to participate with me. After Kade, Carly wanted to hop in on the fun too (i think more because we were taking pictures..).

I did ask Rudy but when he came over to smell the ooze portraying out of the bottle, he sneezed, stuck his nose in the air and trotted away in disgust. I took that as a no. I asked and attempted to get dad to participate in the blessed event too but hes not as willing to fall into peer pressure. Darn.

At first Kade told us we were forbidden to take pictures. He said we couldn't put any on facebook or the internet, period! Paaallease. I am the favorite sister to him.. therefore, i won. Once he saw himself he knew he had to show everyone everywhere on the internet what his sister "made him" do.

Can you makes these lips...?.. we can!

It was hilarious watching Kade trying to wash all of the mask off his face. "Gosh! That took me like 20 minutes!" hahaha! Even though it did, i know he will be participating in my face painting moments again. As for now. All of our faces are exfoliated, soft as Bronson's baby butt (excuse my language, mother), and more radiant than ever before.

Until next time. The end.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chuck Wagon

Yes, finally i have added to my pity of a blog. Her ya go..

Some may say that i am just 'messin around' here at school...uh hum, mother... but really i am just having the time of my LIFE! I think it would be awesome to do Hippotherapy for people with disabilities when I finish school (whenever that is) and so me becoming one of "the horse people" here at school will only benefit me, right.

So, some of you have heard of my new man... well i will tell and show you all just who he is... Introducing my "sugar honey ice tea" (i dont call him that it's from the movie Madagascar). His name is Chuck Wagon, and NO there is no relation between him and high school musical Chuck...

What?.. you say i am allergic?... well Chuck Wagon has helped me overcome my allergy to the gentle giants of the country world, so i am thankful for him and now i am cured, kinda.

Well, this is Chuck Wagon my Schmootsie-poo. We get along perfectly, (when he is listening) and we look alike, imagine that!!. We are both Big boned, strawberry blond hair, he has a saddle- i have saddle bags, we like our alone times, love food, have gas, we are chill and we both love to sleep. I want to take him home!

The stuff in pink is horse stuff.. so if you would like to read it... read on.

While I am a Right Brain Introvert..
.he is a
Left Brain Introvert some days and others he is a Left Brain Extrovert.

So a Left Brain Introvert is known to be easily bored, pushy, argumentative, have a tendency to buck/charge, be stubborn, food focused (he very much is), disinterested, unmotivated/lazy, non-responsive, and low key.

And a Left Brain Extrovert is known to be energetic, exuberant, mischievous, tendency to bite/ strike, playful, mouthy, naughty, bossy, and willful.

If i were a horse i would be considered a Right Brain Introvert which is known to be tense, cant think, distrustful, unpredictable, tendency to kick (in fear), freezes then explodes, compliant, shy/timid, obedient, submissive, bonding, forgiving, and sensitive.

Don't ask me what his breed is because no one seems to know. They cant remember if he is registered as a POA (Pony of America) or an Appaloosa (yes there are spots on his behind). So i guess he's a mutt. Whatever. Mutts are the cutest anyways.

During class we sometimes had to help set up the arena. I usually helped with the poles because i am buff and because it took forever to move them so i wouldn't have to help with anything else. shhh. Whenever i helped drag the poles across the arena Chuck Wagon always helped too by following close behind me. This was awesome because it means he loves me and it was nice that i didn't have to go find and catch him when i was done.

Since it is summer and the weather here is blazin' hot. I like to let Chuck Wagon cool off while i am brushing, hoof picking, and saddling him by flipping his mane and putting his hair in different styles. My favorites are of him looking like a Troll and a Unicorn. He seems to tolerate me.

During class he LOVES to go and the slightest tap and he will take off. It. is. AWESOME!!! He used to barrel race so whenever we get the chance to do barrels in class... we always win. snap! He also loves to jump. I think it is because its so addicting..
Others in the class always ask me if they can trade horses for a while because they want to see what it's really like riding an awesome horse that can jump and barrel race! I am privileged.
This is my "Mwahahaha hes mine!" look.

Here is us lopping over a jump. This one was a good jump..for me. The bad ones i seem to hook the horn of the saddle on my bra or my ribs. There was some bruising that occurred on some instances. ..

Here is one bruise that i got while jumping but instead of hitting the horn on my bra or ribs i whacked my arm.

Us lopping around the arena. Like the cherry on his bum?

One day when i returned him to his pen I decided to take some ANTM shots of us together. I think he is good at smizing. We are so cute together. aww

Our normal faces.

After our class was done. I always kissed my boy goodbye. And he likes it!