Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home for break

After a long day of willingly cleaning around the house.. i chose to take a moment for myself and exfoliate my skin and jam to some good ol' country music. After i came downstairs to rejoin the family and to finish a task that i was in the middle of... i was suddenly made fun of my the youngest sister. PaaLeaSe! The only thing she was.. was jealous. Jealous of my beauty that is. As my gator skin radiated throughout the entire downstairs i soon got the attention of the brother. Because he couldn't and wouldn't stop laughing, i decided to make a fool out of him too. After a minute of explaining myself. I encouraged and succeed in his willingness to participate with me. After Kade, Carly wanted to hop in on the fun too (i think more because we were taking pictures..).

I did ask Rudy but when he came over to smell the ooze portraying out of the bottle, he sneezed, stuck his nose in the air and trotted away in disgust. I took that as a no. I asked and attempted to get dad to participate in the blessed event too but hes not as willing to fall into peer pressure. Darn.

At first Kade told us we were forbidden to take pictures. He said we couldn't put any on facebook or the internet, period! Paaallease. I am the favorite sister to him.. therefore, i won. Once he saw himself he knew he had to show everyone everywhere on the internet what his sister "made him" do.

Can you makes these lips...?.. we can!

It was hilarious watching Kade trying to wash all of the mask off his face. "Gosh! That took me like 20 minutes!" hahaha! Even though it did, i know he will be participating in my face painting moments again. As for now. All of our faces are exfoliated, soft as Bronson's baby butt (excuse my language, mother), and more radiant than ever before.

Until next time. The end.